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Vertical shading

Perfect solutions for glazed façades.

Aesthetically designed Awnings

Façade awnings and window blackouts are the elegant solution against heat and for greater privacy. More environmentally friendly and stylish than any air conditioner. With your choice of fabric colour, you set additional architectural accents.


The slim vertical awning in various design variations.

Purist in form and function. VERTICAL can be supplied in exactly the style that matches your preferences. With a round or square protective box. For installation in a window recess, for example. And always with robust lateral guides.

Top attributes, perfect for any application.

Whether recess- or façade-mounted – our vertical awnings go with any building in terms of their shape and colour.

The box is available in a round or square design. You choose the right design for your building.

VERTICAL takes everything in its stride. The construction withstands up to wind force 6.


Main advantages

Modern and angular

VERTICAL can be mounted elegantly in window recesses and blends in discreetly with the look of the facade.

Modern or classic design

Round or angular, choose the box shape that suits the architecture of your house. The awning fabric rolls up into the box and stays well protected.


If multiple units are mounted next to each other, it is best to couple them so that they don’t have to be operated individually.

Guide rail

The right solution for every facade: aluminium guide rail.

Wire cable

The wire guide made of stainless-steel cable is used for vertical shading. The simple, slim guide system for vertical awnings.

Wall bracket

The wall bracket plus spring chuck is popular in open design applications


The vertical awning with three different lateral guides is an all-round genius.

Compact vertical awning with a round protective box. 

With three different types of lateral guide, the name UNIVERSAL says it all. The compact design is ideal for use in modern façade architecture.

Why UNIVERSAL delivers

A choice of wire cable, metal rod or aluminium guide rail.

The compactly sized round box system protects the fabric. It also fits in narrow window niches from 40 cm wide.

With its sturdy but elegant design, UNIVERSAL is suitable for use on glass frontages or covered patios.

Product features

The wire guide made of stainless-steel cable is used for vertical shading. The simple, slim guide system for vertical awnings.


Main advantages

Sturdy and secure

The sturdy and secure guide type. Made of stainless chrome steel. For robust guiding of the awning fabric.

Seamless and perfect

The awning fabric runs in an aluminium guide rail. No light gets through the seamless transition from fabric to guide rail.

Recess mounting

The compact design permits mounting even in small niches. 


The modern generation of premium-quality vertical awnings.

The purist solution without a cover box makes SURAVA the darling of modern architecture. Because the system fits into recesses from 40 cm wide. What’s more, the side panels can be coated in the colour of your choice.

SURAVA offers a wealth of advantages for modern shading needs

Affordable entry-level model for almost any window recess. No box at all for many different applications.

Elegant look
The premium-quality cover panels feature a unique magnetic mechanism.

The roll-down system can be mounted inside or outside the window recess on the wall or ceiling.


Main advantages

Flexible mounting options

Can be mounted on the wall, the ceiling or in the window recess.

Unwinding direction

Direction that fabric unrolls in (front or back) can be selected.

Modern colours

Cover panel in one or two colours.


Thanks to the zipper system perfectly protected against sunlight, as well as safe from strong winds. 

With its ZIP system, which works like a zip, VENTOSOL guarantees effective sun protection and utmost wind stability. Half-round or square as desired, the unobtrusive box shape can be perfectly matched to the façade.

Sturdy vertical awning with a compact cassette

The ZIP system ensures utmost stability of the internal fabric guide rails and prevents flapping of the fabric – VENTOSOL withstands even high wind forces.

The ZIP system ensures utmost stability of the internal fabric guide rails and prevents flapping of the fabric – VENTOSOL withstands even high wind forces.

The degree of transparency depends on the chosen fabric. A full blackout effect is possible, if desired.


Main advantages

ZIP technology

The ZIP system ensures stable cloth guidance.

Horizontal awning

Thanks to a counter-pull system in the guides, the matching model can also be used horizontally for indoor applications.

Your choice of design

Choose a half-round or square box design to suit the architectural style. This is particularly harmonious in facade mounting.


Examples of implementation of the Vertical shading

We create a unique seal for your home. We create warmth, the most beautiful shade and the best climate. We create admiring views.


Types of awnings

With the user in mind. With better outdoors living in mind. Get to know Senčila Bled’s top-quality awnings.

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