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SANDY system for sandboxes

SANDY sandbox system – a versatile solution for all your needs.

SANDY SYSTEM – two applications, one system!

The SOLIDAY Sandy System is truly multi-talented! 

On the one hand, it provides perfect SUN PROTECTION  and shields your children from dangerous UV radiation.
On the other, the Sandy System can easily be lowered to the ground, thus protecting
sand boxes from various forms of dirt and pollution such as leaves, branches as well
as feces from birds, cats etc. – in other words, a perfect SAND BOX COVER..

Each SOLIDAY Sandy sail is made to measure out of AUSTRONET 932material,
and delivered together with all the necessary mounting equipment as well as
installation instructions. Due to its open mesh structure, we guarantee that no
water collects on the sail, while remnants of sand simply drop through the
mesh whenever it is raised

Austronet fabric only protects against sun and dirt, but not rain.

A convenient extended handle allows to easily raise and lower the sunsail from ground level. Which means, the obligatory kneeling before every pylon is now very much a thing of the past.

“Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.”


Sunsail fabrics

High-performance, high-end sunsail fabrics for the highest demands! SOLIDAY offers the perfect sunsail fabric for every purpose and all demands in a wide variety of colors, and for whatever the wind or weather might bring. The fabric quality is long-lasting and easy to care for, not only giving perfect protection from harmful UV radiation, but also preventing glare and providing privacy.


  • Robust fabric 
  • Good water and air permeability 
  • 80 – 95% shade
  • Resistant to dirt and mold 
  • Easy cleaning 
  • 5-year guarantee on UV protection 
  • outstanding outdoor characteristics 
  • light fastness: 8 (1=deficient, 8= very good)
  • UV protection up to UPF


  • PES fabric with water-repellant acrylic coating
  • 100% opacity and shade 
  • closed fabric structure
  • High tear resistance
  • fabric with anti-mold treatment 
  • very durable 
  • good printability
  • easy cleaning 
  • highly water resistant 
  • 2-year guarantee on UV protection 
  • outstanding outdoor characteristics 
  • light and weather fastness: 6-8  (1=deficient, 8= very good) 
  • UV protection up to UPF 80+
  • Color options


  • PES fabric with water-repellant nano coating 
  • 100% opacity of shade 
  • self-cleaning characteristic through innovative surface treatment
  • closed fabric structure 
  • high tear resistance 
  • easy cleaning
  • highly water resistant 
  • 3-year guarantee on UV protection 
  • outstanding outdoor characteristics 
  • light and weather fastness: 7-8 (1=deficient, 8= very good) 
  • UV protection UPF 50+


Examples of implementation of SANDY system for sandboxes

We create a unique seal for your home. We create warmth, the most beautiful shade and the best climate. We create admiring views.


Types of Sunsails

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