Contemporary art of shading


Due to their minimalist and refined design, sunsails comprise an indispensable part of modern garden architecture and add priceless appeal to the overall appearance of your outside areas.

Senčila Bled is proud to be a representative for sunsails by renowned manufacturer Soliday, which has been providing high quality and modern shading solutions since 1973.

Patented technology, quality materials and the choice of the right fabric mean sunsails play an important role in ensuring that Soliday not only meets your personal expectations but also reflects the unique individuality of your architecture.

Elegant shading with a perfect touch

Large sunsail systems make it possible to create new habitats around the house and are thus becoming an everyday occurrence in our lifestyle. Creating elegant shade with a perfect touch is a true art.

At Senčila Bled we help you create exactly the kind of protection from the sun you dreamed of and transform your daily habits into an exquisite lifestyle.





The art of shading in a perfect harmony of details

Our sunsails are the supreme combination of technology and design that blends in perfect harmony with technical know-how, innovation and minimalist form.

The true art of shading is not just about the size of the protection from the sun or the weather, but also attention to every single detail involved in its implementation.

A flexible blind – for all weather conditions

Senčila Bled sunsails create a cosy shade on your garden or patio, making them a pleasant outdoors location to be in from early spring to late autumn.

Selecting the appropriate fabric moreover allows Senčila Bled sunsails to keep your outdoor area dry during frequent summer showers, so they don’t chase you off your lovely patio.

Senčila Bled Sunsails

When life can be a breeze every day of the year ...

Senčila Bled sunsails are the most flexible and by far the most windproof blinds on the market due to their design and adherence to the principles of sailing. Sunsails will transform your stay outdoors into a special experience every day of the year, regardless of the weather – even in the rain.

Senčila Bled Sunsails

When your architectural designs have no limits …

You can choose from seven different models and eight types of fabric for your sunsail, while the colour choices for the structure and fabric are virtually unlimited.

Their quality, unique design, superb attention to details and exceptional technical sophistication mean Senčila Bled sunsails face no serious competition on the market and offer wonderful architectural possibilities for your garden or terrace.

“Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.”

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Instructions for measurement

1. Measure the width of the window first, followed by its height.

When measuring the dimensions of the window on which the internal Venetian blind is to be installed, measure the width and then the height of the window.

2. Always measure the width at three levels.

It is advisable to measure the window at three levels: top, bottom and centre. The smallest measured value is the correct one.

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