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The art of shading in a perfect harmony of details


Providing areas with shade – stylishly and with the perfect touch – is a true art. Soliday sunsails create precisely the type of sun protection you have been dreaming of, transforming daily living into a wonderful lifestyle. 

SOLIDAY – the sunsail – is an ingenious combination of technology and design; with technical know-how, innovation and purist form joining in perfect symbiosis. The true art of shadow, then, isn’t just in the size of the weather- or sun protection, but also in each individual detail that goes into its execution. The patented technology, the quality of materials as well as the selection of the right sail fabric and cut also play an important role in ensuring that the SOLIDAY system doesn’t just meet your personal expectations, but it also matches the unique individuality of your architecture.

“Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.”

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Main advantages

The art of living space

Sunsail turns bright ideas into as much as 85 square meters of spacious outdoor living. It's time make your biggest dreams reality.

The art of functionality

With height regulation, you can adjust the amount of sunlight even more individually, especially in the late afternoon.

The art of safety

Wind, storm, heavy rain - Soliday sunsails are able to cope with these enormous forces.

The art of design

Functional product design and innovation go together like light & shade.


Modes of operation

Operation by smartphone

Operation by remote control

Operation by switch

Manual operation


Sunsail fabrics

High-performance, high-end sunsail fabrics for the highest demands!
SOLIDAY offers the perfect sunsail fabric for every purpose and all demands in a wide variety of colors, and for
whatever the wind or weather might bring. The fabric quality is long-lasting and easy to care for, not only giving
perfect protection from harmful UV radiation, but also preventing glare and providing privacy.


• Robust fabric
• Good water and air permeability
• 80 – 95% shade
• Resistant to dirt and mold
• Easy cleaning
• 5-year guarantee on UV protection
• outstanding outdoor characteristics
• light fastness: 8 (1=deficient, 8= very good)
• UV protection up to UPF


•PES fabric with water-repellant acrylic coating
•100% opacity and shade
• closed fabric structure 
•High tear resistance
• fabric with anti-mold treatment
• very durable
• good printability
easy cleaning
• highly water resistant
• 2-year guarantee on UV protection
• outstanding outdoor characteristics
• light and weather fastness: 6-8  (1=deficient, 8= very good)
• UV protection up to UPF 80+
• Color options


• PES fabric with water-repellant nano coating
• 100% opacity of shade
• self-cleaning characteristic through innovative surface treatment 
• closed fabric structure
• high tear resistance
• easy cleaning
highly water resistant
3-year guarantee on UV protection
• outstanding outdoor characteristics
• light and weather fastness: 7-8 (1=deficient, 8= very good)
• UV protection UPF 50+


Types of Sunsails

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