Since 1978


The all-weather roof that combines form and function.

Protection from the sun and prying eyes

Functionality meets aesthetics. NYON is an unpretentious glass roof system that is reduced to the essentials. It stands for sturdy construction and guarantees more enjoyment of life on your patio in the long term.

Product features

Optional Led lighting

Atmospheric, dimmable light with environmentally friendly LED technology can be integrated on request.

Under-glass awning

The optional elegan tunder-glass awning provides effective sun protection.

Thin rafters

With slender rafters, there’s more view to see.

Automatic operation

Thanks to the various automatic/controlsystems, the roof shading as well as the side shadings can be operated comfortably and dependably.

Side/front glazing

The sliding glazing shields you against wind, rain and snow. This makes NYON a living space in the sun even in winter.

Side/front shading

Vertical and lateral shading provide privacy, wind and glare protection. Also available with perforated see-through fabric.


Main advantages

Side and front shading

Thanks to the slender rafters and a minimalist design vocabulary, you always enjoy unobstructed views of nature.

Cosy light for night owls

Dimmable LED lighting in various shades of white bathe your evenings in a cosy light.

Automatically joy of life

Operation by a long-lasting electric drive makes life easier. Even more so with the remote control. No need for you to get up as the sun makes its way across the sky.

In rain or shine

NYON is the all-weather roof that provides a year-round home for your outdoor living space.

Additional information

Are you interested in additional information and technical parameters? Browse through our catalogues of Senčila Bled.


Examples of NYON implementations

We create a unique seal for your home. We create warmth, the most beautiful shade and the best climate. We create admiring views.

Projecting Glass Roofs

Types of Projecting Glass Roofs

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