Since 1978

Plisse Shades

For perfect darkening of your room during the day or simply to prevent direct views into the room.

Pleated blinds

Senčila Bled pleated shading systems allow for just the right amount of intimacy while still allowing for excellent illumination with healthy and pleasing natural light. Colourful pleated shading systems bring joy, playfulness and energy to your ambience, while gentler colour tones bring warmth, softness, charm and timeless elegance.

Dimming materials allow the room to be dimmed extremely well even during the day, whereas more translucent fabrics simply prevent direct views of the room. Pleated shading systems are the most elegant and modern window decoration and the most efficient internal shading.


Their many models and designs alongside their premium quality of materials and manufacture make Senčila Bled pleated shading systems a best seller and a distinct customer pleaser.


Light as you need it. Discretion as you desire it.


Proprietary Coatings

Topar Plus and StainStop

For increased light and sun radiation reflection, plissé fabric can be treated with Topar Plus, a coloured reflective coating that is humidity resistant, dirt repellent and very durable. Our metalised coated fabrics also provide outstanding performance in the reflection of sunlight and heat. The StainStop is a dirt repellent fabric treatment that offers superior protection from the most common household water-based stains , even stains such as tomato sauce can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth.


Examples of the implementation of Plisse Shades

We create a unique seal for your home. We create warmth, the most beautiful shade and the best climate. We create admiring views.


Tipi tkanin

Spoznajte tipe tkanin s katerimi boste vašemu prostoru ustvarili posebno zgodbo in zagotovili željeno naravno svetlobo.

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