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Pleated and DUETTE® Shading Systems

Beautiful shading systems for just the right amount of intimacy while providing illumination with the healthiest and most pleasing natural light.


Pleated and Duette® shading systems reside at the very top of interior shading solutions as they offer much more than mere shade – they also serve as decorations and save energy.

Senčila Bled is proud to be an exclusive producer of pleated and DUETTE® shading systems by Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas is a leading global producer and a trendsetter in the field of high-quality internal shading systems.

Pleated and DUETTE® shading systems increase the light comfort of your rooms, raise the quality of everyday life in your home and set the mood of your unique and beautiful space.

Specific types of pleated and DUETTE® shading systems are most defined by the translucency of the fabric, weaving pattern, shape, direction of opening, method of installation and mode of operation. The option to fold the fabric on the top and bottom part of the window, create almost any shape, extremely easy operation and cleaning are the arguments that can hardly leave you indifferent. Senčila Bled pleated and DUETTE® shading systems are a must-have in your apartment.

Light as you need it. Discretion as you desire it.

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“Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.”

Senčila Bled Pleated and DUETTE® Shading Systems

Dimming materials allow the room to be dimmed extremely well even during the day, whereas more translucent fabrics simply prevent direct views of the room. Pleated and DUETTE® shading systems are the most elegant and modern window decoration and the most efficient internal shading.

Their many models and designs alongside their premium quality of materials and manufacture make Senčila Bled pleated and Duete shading systems a best seller and a distinct customer pleaser.

Advantages of Senčila Bled pleated and DUETTE® Systems

  • Protecting the premises from overheating in the summer and protecting rooms from excessive cooling in winter
  • Choice of over 50 models.
  • More than 200 different shades of colour, numerous weaving patterns and degrees of translucency.
  • Patented STAIN STOP fabric treatment allows for easier cleaning while Topar plus enables better thermal protection.
  • We care about the environment and so use fabrics with the “cradle to cradle” certification, meaning that they are recycled and the materials tracked from production to reuse. Many fabrics do not contain PVC or halogen.
  • Top quality materials of European origin.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Senčila Bled pleated and DUETTE® shading systems allow for just the right amount of intimacy while still allowing for excellent illumination with healthy and pleasing natural light. Colourful pleated and DUETTE® shading systems bring joy, playfulness and energy to your ambience, while gentler colour tones bring warmth, softness, charm and timeless elegance.


Modes of operation

Operation by smartphone

Pleated European-quality shading systems

Operation by remote control

Enables shading and desired airflow

Operation by switch

Savings through lower A/C unit usage

Manual operation

Modern and minimalistic look

Bliss battery motor

Remote control and smartphone control now allows the use of BLISS BATTERY MOTOR. Powered by a battery that is easy to charge, this motor does away with the need for an outlet. The motor is more easily accessible to more users, easy to use and can be manipulated by remote control or smartphone.

Pleated and DUETTE® Shading Systems

Pleated and DUETTE® Shading Systems models

The most common system is the BB24, which is mounted among the window slats and enables raising and lowering from both ends. In addition to this popular model, we offer many different models that use wands, are free-hanging with cords or chains, irregularly shaped models for different window shapes and equipped with the new Smart Cord system for easier cord control.

Hunter Douglas

Advantages of the Hunter Douglas system

Quality and Safety

Our pleated and DUETTE® shading systems are made from premium materials and utilise carefully designed and controlled manufacturing processes. We believe in beauty that lasts, so we are at your disposal even if your product suffers an unlucky occurrence and needs to be repaired. Remember that all cordless systems are child- and pet-friendly.

Quality of Sleep

Just like vitamins and physical exercise, the correct amount of light is an essential element for optimal health. Shaded light, soft shadows and perfect darkness tell our body that it is time to rest. Our pleated and DUETTE® shading systems provide just the right amount of light to give your body the rest that it needs.

Wide Selection of Fabrics

Pleated and DUETTE® fabrics are available in a wide variety of shades, patterns and textures to suit any interior. Our experts search globally for prestigious fabrics with the best shading and dimming properties. An advantage of our fabrics is their insulation properties, which in addition to their beautiful appearance, ensure effectiveness.

Save Energy and Money

Fabric-enclosed air cells (DUETTE®) comprise the most energy-efficient internal shading system on the market. The air cells in the fabric around the windows create an insulating mass, making your rooms warmer and more comfortable in the winter and pleasantly cool in the summer. Our products save you money in terms of heating and cooling costs as well as provide comfort.


Fabric types

Get to know the fabrics that will allow you to create a unique story for your room and provide the desired natural illumination

Pleated fabrics

Pleated fabrics

Duette fabrics

Duette fabrics

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