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Find out why Senčila Bled pergolas have no serious competition on the market.

Pergolas Senčila Bled!

Pergolas provide excellent protection against all adverse weather conditions, be it too much sun, rain, wind and, with the correct choice of model, even from the snow. Come sun or rain, summer or winter, Senčila Bled pergolas will change your outdoor seating into the ultimate experience at any time of the year.

Superior materials, extremely precise workmanship and filigree attention to detail turn your pergola into a high-end architectural garden element. We paid a lot of attention to their design and followed the latest minimalist architectural trends, as evidenced by the many prestigious design awards. You can choose between a minimalist pergola with a flat, taut fabric, a wrinkled fabric on top for that pleasant Mediterranean garden feel, or opt for aluminium slats to create the atmosphere of a high-tech clean and modern garden. Due to their premium quality, the largest selection of models, attention to detail and exceptional technical sophistication, Senčila Bled pergolas face no serious competition on the market.

“Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.”

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The secret is in the technology, design and details.

Benefits of Senčila Bled Pergolas

Different product groups of Senčila Bled pergolas are mainly defined by their size, shape, strength of the structure and its design, type of fabric and method of installation. 

Choose from a variety of models, from the minimalist Pergolin with a flat taut fabric, to the most complex and technologically sophisticated Bavona hardtop bioclimatic pergola with rotating aluminium slats, which can be controlled by a smartphone or automated via a weather station.

With the user in mind. With better outdoors living in mind … Senčila Bled pergolas!

  • Their multifunctional tiered roof creates the perfect place to remain outdoors all year long.
  • They protect against direct sunlight, rain, wind and snow.
  • The largest selection of models and installation methods.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing with numerous patents.
  • Optional LED lighting and IR panel heating.
  • Possibility of lateral closing with rolled blinds and a patented SIR technology or with sliding glass and aluminium panels.
  • Maximum wind resistance.
  • Top quality materials of European origin.


Types of pergolas

Get to know Senčila Bled pergolas. The advantage is in technique, design and details.

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