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Family company with tradition

I’m Sandra, owner and director of Senčila Bled, a company that means a lot to me because it is a big part of my life. It refines it, improves it, helps us grow as individuals and, above all, makes me happy every time we overcome an obstacle and become better as a collective and as individuals.

Professional service, a top-quality product, a personal touch and expertise have been my guiding principles from the very beginning. I am following the mission I have chosen:

creating the best shade and the best climate

Sandra Bogataj, CEO

Presentation video

Presentation video

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Family company

Senčila Bled

With tradition and clear goals

Senčila Bled is a successful global company with family roots. The latter means that everything we do is done with maximum responsibility, passion and dedication. The company boasts more than 40 years of tradition, a clear vision and an optimistic outlook.
Today, Senčila Bled is a recognized brand with 36 employees and a leading Slovenian supplier of blinds and insect nets, also known outside of Slovenia for the high quality of its products and services.

All for one and one for all

Everyone who joins the Senčila Bled family business becomes a member of our hard-working family. We have ambitious goals and these cannot be achieved unless we put our hands, heads and hearts into them. We want to improve the world step by step. Every day we want to be at least a millimetre better than yesterday. Our products help create a better living and working environment inside your premises and we strive for the best possible climate for our employees while trying to slow down the planet’s warming by as much as possible.
But we never forget that we are a family. We stick together, create together and win together.

Company milestones


The beginnings of the company date back to 1978, when the founder, long-time owner and director Jože Pintar began installing blinds as a contractor for the LIV Postojna company.


Company founder Jože Pintar employs the first fitter and the company is among the first in Slovenia to start manufacturing its own Krpan external roller shutters.


The company enters a growth spurt after 1990 when it also officially changes its name to the nowadays well-known and well-established SENČILA BLED brand. The company already has three employees.


Due to rapidly growing demand for blinds, the company expands quickly. It also starts its own production of internal decorative blinds. It already employs ten personnel.


In the winter of 2005, the company moves to new and modern business premises in the Bled industrial Zone, where it operates a showroom and modern offices.


The company is bolstering its international activities. Due to high customer demand, it sets up a subsidiary, SONNENSCHUTZ PINTAR, headquartered in Salzburg.


The company has 35 employees and boasts an annual turnover of EUR 4,3 m, the majority of which still is generated on the domestic market.


Due to increased orders and easier accessibility of our products to customers, the company opens a new showroom in Ljubljana, located in  Šmartinska 52, Ljubljana (Velana Business Zone).


»If you are not active, you move backwards.«


Today, Senčila Bled is a recognized brand with 36 employees and a leading Slovenian supplier of blinds, also known outside of Slovenia for the high quality of its products and services.


In the future we want to continue meeting and surpassing the expectations of our customers and business partners with high-quality solutions.

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Our references our pride

We create a unique mark for your home. We create warmth, the loveliest shade and the best climate. We create admiration.

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