Internal Venetian Blinds

Traditional, economic and efficient manner of shading

Senčila Bled Internal Venetian Blinds!

Senčila Bled internal Venetian blinds provide an optimal way to control of light in your room while ensuring just the right amount of intimacy. Excellent choice for all whose priority is simplicity, functionality and economy. With its wide selection of materials, designs, colours, slat width and mounting options, internal Venetian blinds remain a popular choice, and generate excellent feedback from the buyers. Internal Venetian blinds are the perfect solution for private homes, commercial and public areas. Installation is easy and quick. Summing them up in three words, internal Venetian blinds are a CLASSIC THAT PERSISTS.


“Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.”

The secret is in simplicity, usability and reliability.

Internal Venetian blinds have changed little in terms of their basic design for over 80 years, because they are visually and technologically simple, but at the same time very accomplished. The system allows for more than 50 different models, which can be installed on all types of wall and roof windows. Their classical manufacturing technology and the selection of best contemporary materials ensure a tried and tested shading efficiency and great reliability. Opting for internal Venetian blinds ensures a pleasant and comfortable stay at home. Internal Venetian blinds offer better living – Senčila Bled.

With the user in mind. With better living in mind … Senčila Bled internal Venetian blinds!

Individual types of internal Venetian blinds mainly differ by the method of installation, the size of the mechanism, the width of the slats, the mode of operation and the choice of material. The possibility to create almost any shape or size, extremely simple operation and cleaning are the arguments that can hardly leave you indifferent. Senčila Bled Internal Venetian blinds are simply indispensable in your apartment.

  • Ability to change the inclination of the slats and thus room illumination.
  • Protecting premises from overheating in the summer.
  • Large overall usability with a myriad of mounting methods.
  • Choice of over 50 models.
  • Over 200 different shades of colour.
  • Extremely competitive price.
  • Top quality materials of European origin.
  • Warranty: 4 years.

Senčila Bled internal Venetian blinds can be ordered in over 200 different colours and five different widths of slats.

Using them shows that you appreciate a beautiful, comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

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Instructions for measurement

1. Measure the width of the window first, followed by its height.

When measuring the dimensions of the window on which the internal Venetian blind is to be installed, measure the width and then the height of the window.

2. Always measure the width at three levels.

It is advisable to measure the window at three levels: top, bottom and centre. The smallest measured value is the correct one.

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