Since 1978

Professional installation

Prudent planning, expert advice, top-notch project management, meticulous supervision and professional execution are the keys to our excellence and the satisfaction of our clients.


The main aim of working with each customer is to justify our reputation for outstanding quality. Meeting our customers’ requirements and expectations is our mission, and their satisfaction is our benchmark on the road to our primary goal – THE EXCELLENCE OF OUR PRODUCTS!

In addition to the continuous development of new methods, we regularly perform inbound material and outbound product control.

At Senčila Bled we create effective, aesthetic and functional solutions that provide shade to commercial and private premises. We believe in high quality work and sophisticated products that are the pride of our clients.

Senčila Bled – living in a more beautiful, pleasant, healthy and happy environment.

We Install the loveliest shade and the best climate.

We arrive at the agreed time, secure the site, professionally install the product, clean up afterwards, introduce the product and provide information to the customer about handling and maintenance. Installation of blinds is carried out professionally and as quietly as possible, without disturbing you or your neighbours.

Expert Advice

A team of highly trained sales technicians pays a visit to every customer who purchased the blinds and opted for their installation. We work together to find the best solution for the customer.
This has been a proven and established practice of our company for decades and is one of the cornerstones of our success. Our sales technicians are the company’s most diverse and longest serving employees. They have cutting-edge knowledge in technology, manufacturing, and installation of blinds and are well versed in all product groups. They are also superbly trained as salespeople. During the sale, they stay with the customer from their first visit to the finished installation.

Fast, Professional and Clean!

When you think of installing blinds, where work is well organized, professional and coordinated and, above all, carried out seamlessly, think of us – Senčila Bled. Fitters are the face of our company, so we want our impression to be flawless, including the uniform appearance of vehicles, work clothes, tools, general tidiness etc.
OUR PRIDE is a professionally completed job and a host of satisfied and loyal customers who enthusiastically recommend us further.

Senčila Bled

Advantages of our installation

Quality & Safety

Four highly trained and coordinated installation teams ensure that the products are fitted in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards currently in use.

Demanding Challenges

Most fitters are active athletes in their spare time, with the largest number being mountaineers and mountain rescue team members, well equipped to successfully handle challenging installations.

Clean & Sustainable

We always clean up after completing the job, take away the rubbish, carefully separate it and recycle as much as possible.

Professional Competence

All fitters have at least basic formal technical training which is continuously upgraded both at home and abroad.

Our Own Team

All fitters are company employees. We only use the services of external fitters in exceptional cases, and we only work with permanent and proven teams that provide top-level installation services. This is how we maintain the highest possible level of service.

Friendly Attitude

Work standards require us to be polite with our customers, respect their wishes and clean up after finishing.


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Our references our pride

We create a unique mark for your home. We create warmth, the loveliest shade and the best climate. We create admiration.

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