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Roller Insect Screens

Top-quality roller insect screens, providing unlimited freedom for your windows.

Roller Insect Screens

Roller designs provide unlimited freedom for your windows. They are easy to use – all you need to do is open the window, unfold the roller and enjoy the fresh air. 

During closing, the insect screen safely and securely travels behind the side rails.
Roller insect screens for doors take up very little space. The screen is completely folded into a cassette so as not to take up additional space on your terrace or balcony.

The System 40 Insect Screen is a premium roller insect screen with a square cassette. In addition to standard colours, which mostly correspond to contemporary window frame colours, the cassette and guides can be painted in line with the customer’s requirements using any RAL colour, thus ensuring a uniform external appearance of the window. If space permits, roller insect screens can be fitted together with the blinds.

Roller insect screens can be fitted to most windows and doors, either laterally in the slat or frontally on the casements. For greater wind resistance, an anti-wind brush is available as an accessory.

The maximum size for the insect screen is 180 cm x 240 cm.


Main advantages

Protection from Insects


Easy to Use


Main Characteristics

Mesh selection

Roller insect screens can be fitted with a standard FIBERGLAS mesh, made of glass fibre with an added layer of synthetic material, which is highly resistant to UV rays, weather proof and resistant to tearing; and the EXTRA FINE mesh for a less obstructed view of the outside and better air flow.

Standard colours

You can choose the profile colours from our standard three-colour palette. For an additional fee, we also offer all other colours from the RAL and NCS colour charts. The standard colours are:

RAL 9016

RAL 9006

RAL 7016 MAT


Examples of implementation of roll mosquito nets

We create a unique seal for your home. We create warmth, the most beautiful shade and the best climate. We create admiring views.

Insect screens

Insect screens models

Insect screens offer excellent protection against mosquitoes.

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