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Plastic external roller shutters

A suitable solution for smaller windows with excellent protection against rain and other weather influences.
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Protects from the sun and prying eyes

External roller shutters with plastic slats PVC 37 are a cheaper alternative to aluminium roller shutters. They are more suitable for shading smaller windows. They are not filled with PUR foam but will provide perfect protection against the sun and protect your windows against rain and soiling. Just like the aluminium roller shutters, when pulled down, these plastic counterparts create an air cushion between themselves and the window, which functions as an insulation layer.


External roller shutters have slats with a height of 37 mm. There are several colours to choose from, primarily from white, grey and beige tones.

It is ideal to plan ahead of time and prepare the installation of roller shutters or blinds already in the project planning phase. This enables the roller shutters to be built right into the lintels and the clean lines of the building are retained. In the building construction phase it is also possible to select roller shutter cassettes that are hidden under the building´s façade. External roller shutters with visible boxes can easily be installed later if necessary.

The maximum width of the external roller shutter is 2 m, the maximum height is 2.9 m and an area of 3 m² can be shaded.


Main advantages


protects against the sun


Acoustic and thermal insulation


Keeps thieves out


Extends the lifetime of windows


Types of control


Control shading from anywhere via a mobile application


Comfortable electrically adjustable shading with a remote control


Simple control method with wall switch


Manually using a hand crank, cord or band with winder or spring counterweights

Color design

In our wide range of colors and shades, everyone will find something suitable! The colors shown on the website are for guidance only. If you want to be sure when choosing a color, visit a store at one of the locations.

Additional information

Are you interested in additional information and technical parameters? Browse through our shading catalogues of Senčila Bled.


Examples of execution of Outdoor Plastic Blinds

We create a unique seal for your home. We create warmth, the most beautiful shade and the best climate. We create admiring views.

External roller shutters

Types of external roller shutters

Get to know the types of top-quality external roller shutters that we offer you at Senčila Bled

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