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External Roller Blinds

MODERN AND EFFICIENT MANNER OF SHADING. Senčila Bled. The secret is in the technology and details.

The secret is in the technology and details.

Senčila Bled external roller blinds will give your premises the best protection against overheating and, even with the fabric lowered, still allow sufficient daylight into the room, therefore, they allow you to sleep well, without the slightest intrusion of sunlight.

External roller blinds absorb a large amount of solar energy, helping to significantly reduce the temperature of the interior without the need to use air conditioning. External roller shutters protect windows against heavy rain and UV radiation. They are suitable for windows on weekend houses, ground-floor storefronts or high-rise buildings. The can be fitted with integrated insect screens or a pull-up lock that makes life difficult for thieves. The general categories of roller shutters comprise of aluminium filled with PUR foam, plastic and a special luxury aluminium roller shutter model s_onro.

“Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.”

Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.

Why purchase external roller shutters?

Are you considering giving preference to external roller shutters ahead of blinds? External roller shutters are not only used as protection against the sun. Their aluminium or plastic slats can´t be tilted out and create a continuous plate that functions as a significant acoustic and heat insulating element. 

When roller shutters are pulled down in winter, they reduce heating costs by as much as 30 %. They reduce noise from the surroundings, especially if you live on a busy road. The plates are hidden in a box that is visible, built-in underneath the façade or installed directly in the construction lintel. Therefore, ideally consider the installation of roller shutters already in the project planning phase so that the appearance of the building is not affected by the visible cassette. Senčila Bled external roller shutters with a 4-year warranty are always made to measure. Select from many colours and various slat widths, and either manual or electric controls.


External roller shutters can be supplemented with an integrated insect screen (located together with the roller shutters in the same box). At the same time, the cassette contains two shafts, which means that the insect screen can be controlled completely independently of the roller shutters.

The slat colour on roller shutters can be selected from a pallet of colour tones. Here you will find standard colours such as white, grey, silver and brown. But also an imitation of wood. 

The maximum width of the external roller shutter is 4 m and an area of 8.5 m² can be shaded. 


Main advantages


protects against the sun


Acoustic and thermal insulation


Keeps thieves out


Extends the lifetime of windows


Installation types

Built-in box 

The slats roll into a built-in box. The box includes toughened polystyrene XPS which has excellent insulation properties. When the roller shutter is retracted, only the guide rails are visible as they are attached to the window frame, or the reveal, and the inspection flap is visible too. If you want to use this type of roller shutter installation, you have to take this into account at the project stage. Combined roller shutters with an integrated insect screen can also be selected. 

Front of the window 

In this type, the box for winding of slats is visible from outside the building. You can choose the colour of the box and guide rails according to your wishes. We offer 5 shapes of boxes. You can also choose a combined roller shutter with an integrated insect screen.

External roller shutters

Types of external roller shutters

Get to know the types of top-quality external roller shutters that we offer you at Senčila Bled

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