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Flexible use – for large and unusual conservatory shapes.


The conservatory shading with the shade bonus and extremely flexible mounting options.

The TARGA models are suitable for larger, complex glass roofing and substructures. The exterior awning protects against the sun and heat and generates a pleasant indoor climate – with excellent visual characteristics.The guide rails can be moved inwards and can thus shade even specially shaped or inclined conservatories. The TARGA-PLUS model provides a real step forward in shading. 

The patented «Plus technology» with its telescopic guide rails makes it possible to extend the cover up to a maximum of 140 cm over the conservatory roof. Even with a small roof inclination, the patented filled cylinders mechanism ensures perfect tensioning of the cover. 


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Why TARGA delivers?

Perfect climate in the winter garden
The external sunscreen fits perfectly on winter gardens, glass roofs and skylights.

Colourful UV protection
The external sun protection blocks the sun’s rays, which effectively minimises the build-up of heat in the conservatory.

Easy operation
The awning is driven by an electronically controlled motor with an automatic limit stop.


Main advantages

Perfect climate in the conservatory

The external sunshade fits perfectly on all conservatories – even with non-standard shapes.

Simple and flexible to install

With diverse mounting brackets and the option of moving the guide rails inwards, the sunshade is easy to install.

More shade

Additional telescopic projection beyond the front of the conservatory provides for even more shade. Up to 140 cm extra is possible.

Product features

Self-supporting construction 

Targa is designed as a self-supporting box construction and so requires no other brackets on facades or ceilings. 

Positionable rails

The guide rails can be flexibly repositioned inwards up to 100 cm from the sides. This means that lateral projections are also possible.

Extending projection

Extra shade is provided by the patented telescopic mechanism that projects up to a max. 140 cm beyond the edge of the conservatory roof.  


Examples of implementation of Targa

We create a unique seal for your home. We create warmth, the most beautiful shade and the best climate. We create admiring views.


Types of conservatory blinds

Get to know the types of top-quality conservatory blinds that we offer at Senčila Bled.

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