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Ideal form of extra sun protection for your conservatory, glass roof or skylight.

Airomatic shading systems

Airomatic shading systems is the perfect exterior sun protection for conservatories, glass roofs and skylights and provide a pleasant room climate. Due to their compact design, these shading systems are suitable for small or larger areas.

The beautifully designed protective box is self-supporting and, like all other profiles and cast parts, made of high-quality aluminium. When 

retracted, the end profile closes the box and protects the fabric from the weather. The gas pressure mechanism in the guides, which originates from the automotive industry, ensures that the fabric is always optimally tensioned. Various mounting brackets allow for flexible and simple installation – even with complex substructures.

Special conservatory shapes can be easily shaded by sliding guide rails. The patented ejection mechanism technology allows the fabric 

surfaces to extend beyond the conservatory roof. The integrated gas pressure mechanism in the guide rails guarantees optimum fabric 

tension. The standard built-in electric drive offers high operating comfort. It can be extended by various control variants.

Sleek conservatory awning, ideal for smaller roof areas too.

As an over-glass awning, the AIROMATIC models are perfect for medium-sized constructions. Their compact design means they can be used for smaller roofs too.

“Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.” 


Senčila Bled – bivanje v lepšem, prijetnejšem, zdravem in veselem okolju.

Why AIROMATIC delivers?

Perfect climate in the winter garden
The external sunscreen fits perfectly on winter gardens, glass roofs and skylights.


Colourful UV protection
The external sun protection blocks the sun’s rays, which effectively minimises the build-up of heat in the conservatory.


Easy operation
The awning is driven by an electronically controlled motor with an automatic limit stop.


Main advantages

Easy to operate with smart control

AIROMATIC can be integrated into Somfy’s smart home solution, with which you control your house, garage and sun protection.

Clean lines

In the transition from box to front bar, the clean lines also speak a minimalist design language.

Colourful variety

Select your ideal colour from the wide STOBAG colour range. For the frame as well as the fabric.

Product features

Perfect fabric tension

AIROMATIC ensures optimum fabric tension thanks to the integrated gas struts.

Simple to install

Flexible installation thanks to a variety of fastening brackets on a substructure or directly in a window recess. The brackets are also available with extra noise damping on request.

Self- supporting box construction

The AIROMATIC  is designed as a self -supporting box construction and requires no further fixing of the box.

Implementation examples of Airomatic Shades

We create a unique seal for your home. We create warmth, the most beautiful shade and the best climate. We create admiring views.


Types of conservatory blinds

Get to know the types of top-quality conservatory blinds that we offer at Senčila Bled.

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