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Conservatory Blinds

For optimal enjoyment and creating aesthetic value for your winter garden.

Senčila Bled conservatory blinds!

Is your conservatory experiencing tropical temperatures? Our conservatory blinds provide the optimum climate for your enclosed garden space. While the sun’s gentle rays are extremely enjoyable when gently streaming through a glass surface during winter, such a setup can quickly become suffocating for humans and plants alike in the spring. 

To prevent your glass oasis from turning into a hothouse, make use of the custom-made blinds for conservatories, rooftops and vertical surfaces. The standard electric drive provides comfortable operation. Optional sun and wind automation is also available to provide automatic cooling during higher outside temperatures. Atrium shading systems are especially suitable for mounting between buildings and onto existing structures and provide effective protection from sun and rain.

You can choose from over 15 different designs, while the colours of the structure and the choice of fabrics are virtually unlimited.

Due to their top quality, the largest selection of models, attention to detail and exceptional technical sophistication, Senčila Bled conservatory blinds face no serious competition on the market. This is why we believe Senčila Bled conservatory blinds to be a practically indispensable addition to your glasshouse.

“Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.”

The secret is in the technology and details.

Benefits of Senčila Bled Coservatory Blinds

Senčila Bled conservatory blinds are visually and technologically highly sophisticated. State-of-the-art manufacturing including numerous patents and selection of the best materials ensure the ultimate in heat protection and makes sure you feel comfortable in your cosy conservatory. Targa plus holds a special place in our wide range of models as the only roof blind on the market that can shade the area in front of your conservatory with its unique telescopic arm extensions technology. For a more pleasant stay in your conservatory – Senčila Bled.

Individual models of Senčila Bled conservatory blinds differ by the size and shape of the cassette, structural design, type of fabric, method of installation and mode of operation. The option to choose from a variety of models ranges from the sleek minimalist Arnex for shading smaller conservatories to the most complex and sophisticated Targa Plus, which can be controlled by a smartphone or automated via a weather station.

Benefits of Senčila Bled Coservatory Blinds

  • Best protection of conservatories against overheating and direct solar radiation.
  • The largest selection of models and installation methods.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing technology with numerous patents (telescopic arms, shade extended over the conservatory overhang).
  • Possibility to shade various shapes of conservatories with movable guide rails.
  • Maximum wind resistance.
  • Top quality materials of European origin.
  • Modern and minimalist design.

Shading an area of up to 7 metres in width and 7 metres in length with a single piece.


Modes of operation

Operation by smartphone

Operation by remote control

Operation by switch

Manual operation


Types of conservatory blinds

Get to know the types of top-quality conservatory blinds that we offer at Senčila Bled.

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