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Cassette awnings

Whether for a balcony or patio, awnings are the classics among shading products. They are the ideal choice for creating an incomparable atmosphere.


The slim balcony awning in a timelessly elegant design.

Here, quality of life unrolls in style. CAMABOX is the elegant sunshade for your outdoor living room. With a choice of round or square front bar, you will find exactly the system to suit you.

CASABOX makes more out of a balcony or loggia.

Ideal for urban living. Starting at a width of 188cm, they provide a whole lot of quality of life even on modestly sized patios. Comfort through smart technology. Always as much as you want: With the high-quality motorization and choice of automation.

Long service life
The awning box protects the fabric and the folding arms from the weather when retracted. So that your product looks like new for a long time.


Main advantages

Round design

The round front bar is not just the extension of a successful architecture, In conjunction with the box, it helps keep the system safe from elements.

Wall connection profile

For wall mountings, the connection profile stops rainwater seeping through.

Inclination angle

Depending on how it is mounted, your awning can be inclined up to 90° for the right level of sun protection.


The compact STOBAG box awning with a box height of just 10 cm offers many advantages. Easy pitch adjustment, purist design and the completely closed box make PURABOX the prime choice for the demanding commercial sector.

Why PURABOX delivers?

Compact dimensions. From 185 to 500 cm in width. From 150 to 225 cm in projection. Ideal for balconies and loggias in terraced houses and apartment buildings.

Slim, inconspicuous box
With its no-frills design and reduced dimensions, it is never the focus of your small patio or balcony.

Easy mounting
The mounting brackets are equipped with a universal two-point suspension system. This saves installation time, whether on walls, ceilings or rafters.


Main advantages

Round design

The clean lines of the designe can be harmoniously integrated into the architecture and are also compelling as a design element.

Roof-rafter mounting

Universal mounting brackets with two-point suspension system for time-saving installation on rafters.

Watertight wall connection

The optional wall connection profile stops rainwater seeping between facade and awning.


Designers’ darling.

CAMABOX awnings are high quality cassette awnings in cubic design. The simply designed cassette protects the folding arms and awning cloth from the weather and dirt. No wonder not only architects and designers appreciate the clear lines of CAMABOX. Watch video now.

What makes CAMABOX special?

Medium to large areas of shade.

CAMABOX is particularly ideal for providing medium to large areas of shade up to 28 m².

All-round protection
The awning box protects the fabric and the folding arms from the weather when closed.

Easy mounting
The ingenious cover means that no screws are visible even when ceiling-mounted – for a pleasing aesthetic look.


Main advantages

Cubic box

Fabric and mechanism are stowed in an elegant box. The cubic box provides for a modern, linear architecture.

Premium design

We are constantly striving to develop design further – both in technology and appearance. With a new focus on clear lines, the vocabulary of design is given extra emphasis.

Electronic Volant – Plus

The retractable valance, Volant -Plus, protects against low sun and prying eyes. With some models, it can also be electronically operated and supplemented with lighting in the front bar.


The sturdy, versatile box awning for medium to large areas. Optionally with LED lighting.

The cassette awning with two shapes – round and square.

The TENDABOX is suitable for shading medium-sized to slightly larger patios or seating areas. It is available with a round or square box and can optionally be fitted with LED lighting.

Inviting and protective – that is TENDABOX.

Extending an invitation.

TENDABOX can be extended up to 400 cm. This provides plenty of shade even for larger balconies and patios.

More privacy

Protect your privacy with a Volant-Plus valance. It also prevents you from being dazzled when the sun is low in the sky.

Cosy light for night owls

An LED light strip discreetly inset in the awning box offers a pleasant source of light for night owls.


Main advantages

Square box

With its square box end, tendabox blends in seamlessly with the facade.

One for all

The mounting system is pretty flexible. It can be mounted on the ceiling, the facade or the porch rafters.

LED lighting

Long-lasting, energy – saving LED lighting makes for a cosy evening ambience. The Tunable White light is dimmable and countinously adjustable from activating cool-white to relaxing warm-white , depending on your mood.

Qubica Flat

KE’s newest retractable awning is designed in Italy with an extra special touch of style and luxury.

Qubica retractable awning combines the very best of functionality and style. With it’s two-tone cassette, Qubica is created to perfectly match your personal style and decor. 

Hardware and fasteners are hidden from view, creating an elegant look. LED lighting is integrated into the retractable arms to help create a warm, inviting outdoor space for family, friends or just for you.


Qubica offers a 2-tone color scheme. Colors available are Charcoal, Grey and White in any combination. See brochure for illustrations. Note: Custom colors are susceptible to an up-charge and additional production time may be required.

Technical details
Maximum width: 1200cm
Maximum projection: 435 cm

Qubica Light

The LIGHT version of Qubica is characterised by its essential and pure lines. It can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling, ensuring high inclination angles. Just like its “elder sisters”, one of its main features is the customisation given by 4-colours matches. Excellent technique wearing an excellent design.


New optional: AKI Arm
High performance transmission and perfect movements, AKI arm is characterized by the design of its components and the high technical performance.


  • Simple, neat design
  • Both wall and ceiling installation available
  • Highly customisable thanks to different possibilities of colour matching
  • High technical performances wearing an excellent design

Technical details

Wind resistance, grade 1
Water resistance, grade 2
Maximum width: 600 cm
Maximum projection: 360 cm
Tested and certified CE and TUV

Qubica Plumb

Qubica is the perfect match between high industrial technology and Italian design. One of its main features is the high customisation: it is possible to choose between 4 different colours and combine them in order to reach 16 configurations. This sunshade retractable awning is available only in motorised version and can be equipped with the LED strips kit.


New optional: AKI Arm
High performance transmission and perfect movements, AKI arm is characterized by the design of its components and the high technical performance.

Refined, elegant lines

Highly customisable

16 colour matches available

Stainless steel screws

Technical details 

Wind resistance, grade 1
Water resistance, grade 2
Maximum width:1200 cm
Maximum projection:435 cm
Tested and certified CE and TUV


Examples of implementation of Cassette awnings

We create a unique seal for your home. We create warmth, the most beautiful shade and the best climate. We create admiring views.


Types of awnings

With the user in mind. With better outdoors living in mind. Get to know Senčila Bled’s top-quality awnings.

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