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These visually and technologically extremely sophisticated awnings will make your stay outdoors truly wonderful.

Blinds for better outdoor living – Senčila Bled awnings.

Senčila Bled awnings create a pleasant shade on your terrace, changing it into a pleasant place to stay outdoors from the start of spring all the way to late autumn. 

Senčila Bled awnings moreover keep your outdoor area dry during the frequent summer showers, so they do not keep chasing you off the terrace. Since Senčila Bled awnings are structurally made to last and are resistant to strong wind gusts, even the latter will not interfere with the outdoors fun. For the cherry on the cake of your outdoor comfort however, you can use the LED lighting built into the structure of your awning. This will make your stay in the open air a special experience, regardless of the weather or part of the day. You can choose from over 30 different designs, while the colours of the structure and the choice of fabrics are virtually unlimited.

“Senčila Bled – living in a nicer, cosier, healthier and happier environment.”

The secret is in the technology and details.

Advantages of Senčila Bled awnings

Senčila Bled awnings are visually and technologically extremely sophisticated. State-of-the-art manufacturing and selection of the best materials ensure exceptional shading efficiency, which will make sure you feel comfortable on your terrace. 

Cassette awnings from two top European manufacturers hold a special place among awnings. They are the Camabox, a cassette awning from Swiss manufacturer Stobag with its modern square cassette, and the evergreen Stobag classics, the smaller Casabox and larger Tendabox. Fans of Italian design can meanwhile gush over KE cassette awnings, namely the Qubica Plumb, Qubica Flat and Qubica Light. 

Individual groups of Senčila Bled awnings are mainly differentiated by the size and shape of the cassette, the structural design, the type of fabric, the method of installation and the mode of operation. The choice of various models ranges from the simplest hand-operated design to the most complex and sophisticated versions that can be operated by a smartphone or automated via a weather station.


Types of awnings

With the user in mind. With better outdoors living in mind. Get to know Senčila Bled’s top-quality awnings.

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